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At Castlemore Ltd, we have over 60 years combined experience of providing Building Surveying services to a wide range of customers across Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, The New Forest, Dorset and Hampshire and the South of England.

Castlemore Ltd are RICS regulated and we provide a professional, reliable and bespoke range of services, which are tailored around the varying needs of our customers.

There are many different types of survey. Sometimes a single defect requires investigation and, at other times, the whole building needs surveying. If you cannot see one below that would meet your needs, please call us on 01202 48666 or email: to discuss. 



Concerned about an existing Property?

Do you own or rent an existing property and have something that worries you?  Examples of such defects are damp and mould, cracking, drainage problems, roof leaks and poor workmanship, creaking floors etc.

If so, you may want a Building Surveyor to take a look for you and advise on the cause and how to deal with it.

We will conduct an independent survey and produce an unbiased, professional report (written or verbal) according to your needs. We can also help resolve it for you and oversee any remedial works. 

Buying a Property

Prior to buying a property, you should commission a survey to establish its condition and any defects (current or anticipated) that it may have. Even brand new, or recently refurbished, properties come with defects and these could be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

Many people rely on their mortgage survey to find any issues but your lender is only interested in ensuring that the property is worth that amount that you are borrowing. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR MORTGAGE SURVEY TO FIND ALL PROBLEMS.

You should also consider using an independent surveyor, who is not linked to any estate agent, solicitor or mortgage provider so that you get a completely unbiased and professional opinion.

There are many different types of survey and if you cannot see one below that would meet your needs, please call us on 01202 48666 or email: to discuss.

1.Condition Report/Snagging Surveys

This type of survey is most common on new or newly refurbished properties. People often purchase a property thinking that it will be free of defects and provide nothing to worry about. However, this is often not the case. Even if the work comes with a 10 year guarantee, this can be extremely difficult to claim against. As a consequence, the Homeowner’s Alliance recommend having a snagging survey undertaken.

This will spot problems with your new build home. These may range from small and cosmetic to significant and structural. A snagging survey is a visual survey to check the quality of workmanship against applicable standards. A good snagging inspector should check every aspect of the property that is visible, covering both the interior and the exterior of the property as well as garden, driveway and garage if relevant.

The ideal time to get a professional snagging survey done is before you exchange contracts with the developer. However, many developers will not allow snagging inspections to be done before completion. If this is the case with your developer, you should book in the snagging survey as soon as possible after you’ve moved in.

You can of course have a snagging survey done at any time once you have moved in, but make sure you get one done early (well before the end of the first two years), and reported to your house builder to remedy issues highlighted in the survey. You can also create a snagging list yourself but you are unlikely to spot the range of things a professional snagging inspector will identify. An independent snagging survey will also add weight to your complaints if you have found your developer to be unresponsive to your calls for action.

Castlemore Ltd will survey the new works and produce a list of 'snags' that can be presented to the developer, for rectification at their cost. In some instances, they have even been known to seek the additional advice of Castlemore and appoint us to oversee the remedial work.

If you have had, or are in the process of having, building work carried to your property, you might have concerns about the workmanship. Castlemore can carry out inspections and defects surveys of the work, during or after the work is complete. Building Control will inspect for compliance with the Building Regulations, but they do not look at workmanship and best practice. We can often spot an error before it is covered over and save you time, money and distress getting it resolved. The sooner you call us in, the better.

2. Homebuyers Survey 

Often called a Level 2 survey, this survey is suitable for conventional properties that are in reasonable condition and have not been extended or are not listed.  It is prepared in a standard report format, giving a 'traffic light' system for each element. The report does not include full details of the construction nor costs for putting any defects right. If you are unsure if this type of report is suitable, give us a call on 01202 486666 or email: 

3. Full Building Survey

This is also called a Level 3 survey and is the most thorough and comprehensive of all surveys. It is suitable for any type of property, in any condition and is recommended for extended, altered, older properties and those of unconventional construction.

It is not restricted to a standard format and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

The report will provide a detailed assessment of the nature and condition of the property, together with technical advice about any identified problems and recommended remedial works. Additional specialist reports can also be obtained and incorporated into the report. 

If you are unsure if this type of report is suitable, give us a call on 01202 486666 or email: to discuss.

4.Walk and Talk Survey

We also offer a ‘Walk and talk’ survey, whereby no report is issued but we walk around a property with a client, pointing out things whilst they take notes. It is suitable only in a few situations, but it does offer the client an alternative. Because no report is written, we have no on-going liability to the purchaser.

5.Mortgage Valuation Survey

The survey is undertaken on behalf of the mortgage lender. It provides a brief statement on the condition of the property and identifies any urgent repairs that have a bearing on the property's value. The surveyor will also recommend an insurance figure and provide a valuation of the property.

Castlemore does not undertake this type of survey. It is a limited inspection to ascertain if the property is worth what you are borrowing. It also only identifies any issues which will affect your mortgage or the mortgage lender's risk. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON THIS SURVEY TO ADVISE YOU OF ALL POTENTIAL DEFECTS.

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