Sub-Consultancy Services

At Castlemore Ltd, Although we undertake most of our work direct to the client, we also provide a full Sub-Consultancy service to a growing number of surveying practices across the UK.

Our Sub-Consultancy service is cost effective and a perfect solution to help other practices cover staff shortages and take on the types of work that they don't have the availability or experience to carry out.

There are many advantages of the Sub-Consultancy services that we provide :

  • You can bid for work for which you do not have the expertise or qualifications in-house. (Many practices employ us as qualified Access Sub-Consultants).
  • We can act at short notice
  • We can cover short or long term staff shortages
  • We can undertake tedious and repetitive work which in-house surveyors may not find stimulating
  • We are flexible and willing to work away from home
  • You will be covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • This method is more cost effective
  • You don’t have to provide us with Full Time work in the same way as a temporary surveyor
  • You only pay for the work done. There is no holiday or sick leave to pay.
  • Recruitment Agencies take an on-going percentage of the hourly rate paid to the surveyor.
  • You save on time and cost of advertising, interviewing, and employing temporary staff.
  • Temporary staff also have to be trained in the ways of the company, which costs further time and money and requires another member of staff to divert their time away from fee-earning.

We are CRB checked and regulated by RICS. References are available on request.

For an informal chat - or to discuss more details of any of our services please call us now on 01202 486666 or email us at admin

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